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May Zoom Club Meeting, fun and frolics

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2 weeks 4 days ago #1343 by fran kokes
May Zoom Club Meeting, fun and frolics was created by fran kokes
Short Review: I had a pretty good time. Thanx, Helen, you were terrific.

Long and contentious review by the club's most contentious Director:

A Little Backstory: I dislike digital interpersonal interaction preferring face-to-face. Thus, FB and the like annoys me and I refuse to participate as possible. I hate the phone too. My first Zoom was an Easter Fam&Friends and it sucked mightily in itself and was only tolerable to me because there was zero option. BUT. It did have moments of a kind of 'saving grace' which boded well enough that I was willing to give it a chance or 2 more. Wednesday before the meeting, I managed to do another with the staff of the church where I work. That Zoom meet gave me enough confidence in my digital skillz to try the club meeting.

Post-meeting, I sent an email to our esteemed (still steamed?) prez, Pat, and warned him that if he didn't find somebody to do a review on this Forum that I would do one. He didn't get back to me. Maybe he didn't get the missive? Maybe he failed to take the warning as seriously as it might turn out? Too late now. Club members not enjoying this can rant at me all they want but they should CC/Bcc Pat too for not nipping this in the bud when he had a great chance to look good if not a miraculous.

Did it get recorded? I hope so. It would be nice to have a recording posted to the documents section much the way the newsletters are archived. Posterity needs to be recognized and accommodated. And the recording ought to be available on the Forum publicly for some reasonable amount of time. If we want prospective members, they ought to be able to see us in action as if they came to one of our regularly open meetings. I would have recorded it if I had thought to do so. Maybe a recording is somewhere and can be retrieved and saved now? I hope one or more of our club digital gods/goddesses can try for that. If it could have been and didn't, a pox upon leadership who knew better and made cruddy decisions (What did they know and when did they know it? Impeachment is not nearly as satisfying as a public flogging and beheading.).

Unbelievably to me, the Zoom-thingy started on time. Note first miracle here. Not so hard to believe, 15min were spent/wasted with basic meet&greet while members continued to join the eventual throng of about 25. I didn't know how many to expect? What does a meeting usually draw, 40-50? I did note for myself that I didn't "Ride In". Hind-sight (HS) made me wish that I had at least taken the bike around the block before logging into the Zoom meet. Maybe next month if the creek don't rise and the Virus relents enough? Eventually Pat pulled it together in his usual way which seemed to work better on Zoom than in real life, go figure. I didn't take a roll of the count. Maybe somebody did and can list the participants in some way?

SECOND MIRACLE: WELCOME, BRIAN ! (?) "Brian" is what I remember. Somebody got better info? Post it up! Brian is a rider who is not a member but visited the open club Zoom meeting checking us out. I have no digital idea how to follow-up the contact (Brian might be happy about that and glad to escape the likes of me) but I hope somebody(s) welcomes him to the fun and he keeps showing up.

Rides: Memorial Wknd 25/25 ride to LaCrosse MIGHT be on? Available Accommodations are being checked. If the SIP gets lifted, digital info will get passed around. Starved Rock, sunday-june 7, MIGHT be on so stay alert. IF...Starved Rock is on... THEN Moonshine might happen the day before, saturday-june 6. As the leader for Moonshine, I intend to lead Moonshine this year whenever SIP is lifted as long as there is no snow on the ground. Info on that largely remains the same and can be found on the Moonshine thread in this Forum, amen.

THIRD MIRACLE (sorta expected): Helen did a great job with the Women In Motorcycling theme. Great trivia contest/game and even though I failed miserably proving once again how dumb I am, I had a great time. Helen noted that she liked the writings of Steph Jeavens a lot. Taking a word from the wise, I immediately put that book on my 'must read soon' list. Thanx, Helen. She got a nice round of applause. In HS, I wished that I had flowers to present her at that moment. Maybe next time? Why I didn't think of this in time and run the idea past Pat makes me kinda ashamed for not being alert and pro-active. Directorship is a LOT harder than it looks, sigh.

Your humble and obedient director gave the "2 minute BS book review". I had serious hopes that one or more of the club's females would share their fav and inspirational tomes with us and encouraged the 'Steemed Prez' to politely encourage all of them to present one or more tomes. Alas. It fell to me. I re-listed all the books by female authors that I had mentioned before like Melissa Holbrook Pierson and Lynda Lahman and added Elsbeth Beard's "Lone Rider" and Michelle Harrison's "All The Gear No Idea". A mention of Beryl Markham (not a rider but travel author of note got several women chiming in on how great that read is. I hope that club members reading these 2 books will give a 2min review and share them with yours truly aka yr hmbl&obdnt dir.

As 8pm drew nigh, Pat closed the meeting without much fanfare? My immediate knee-jerk (or just plain 'jerk'?) reaction was why wasn't it scheduled to go to the usual 9;30pm? Or at least 9pm? I wanted to hang out as per usual and 'visit' post-meeting. I hung on the Zoom site catching bits and pieces of conversation until it went blank at 8;08. NEXT TIME, if there is one or more, maybe we should plan some time for this? Meet&Greet at the start is ok but usually not as satisfying as post-meeting interaction. Rumor has it that Pat is some sort of 'meeting guru' and might know better about all this stuff.

So there you have it. I had a pretty good time and am willing to do it again as necessary. But there is a lot of room for improvement, especially on my part, with this new to me format.

"Is that all there is?" -stolen from Peggy Lee

ps; The 50-50 was a let down, wtf? I had tickets too.

pps; OH YEAH! ... Awl y'awl can post stuff like your own take on all-o-this right here. And if you don't, that won't come as a surprise, much less a miracle, to me
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