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2018 Moonshine Lunch Run - April 14th

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Replied by fran kokes on topic 2018 Moonshine Lunch Run - April 14th
Fran is going again in 2019 even though there is no charity event planned. Fran is going because it his self proclaimed kick-off for his riding season. Also, Fran wants to see how many bikers show up just out of habit and pure cussedness? Same parameters as above on the traditional second saturday of April, April 13, 2019. Heads-up .... Riders' Meeting @ 5:15am !!!!

Please let fran know to expect you for this rain/shine/snow/hail event. Ride parameters: 12hrs/500miles

Info that should have got posted but somehow didn't, sigh. I must have fat-fingered it?

North Side Start: OHare Oasis, southbound side,.... Riders' Meeting @ 5;15am...... Side Stands Up (SSU) @ 5;28am Arrive in time to fuel, choke&puke, potty

South Side, Roll-Thru, Rider Pick-Up: Shell Station, 167th & Cicero..... 6;00am

X-way transit will be at the flow of traffic +/- 5mph.... (unless somebody has cruise control and wants to set the pace. Eddie has done it for me twice.)
fuel will be "about" every 150 miles #1-About MP190, 2nd-Casey or 5 miles north, #3-Kankakee-Mike's Corner Shell
Once off the x-way, pace will be a scenery gawking, flower sniffing saunter

Routing: southbound... once off the x-way... option 1= more/less direct... option 2= lots of back roads with lots of turns. Be prepared to vote at riders' meeting.

Routing: northbound... essentially straight north on RT-49 to Kankakee (maybe 4 curves of note) then RT-131 along south side of the river to I-55 and homeward

Silliness/fun: We are knowledgeable, experienced riders, right? Ergo, it is expected that riders actually have a grip on their fuel range so as to minimize fuel stops and avoid unnecessary stops. It is also expected that riders can execute a fuel stop in all its ramifications in less than 12 minutes. (Note well: Most IBA riders can easily execute a "splash&dash" fuel stop in less than 5 minutes. After leading boo-coop group rides and testing all kinds of stuff for a bunch of years, I find 12 minutes to be damn generous. If I am on a solo trip and not on the 'clock', I usually budget <12 minute fuel stops for myself anyway just to keep in practice. Riders experienced at this can do it all in less than 10 minutes without struggling. Riders just experimenting with this for the first time usually can make 12 minutes without angst. Most any rider who has a few seasons under his/her belt has little problem making it all happen in less than 12 minutes. Including notations in any trip log.) Here's the math. Fuel stops- 3@12min=36min. 3@24min=72min Thus, one gets home later due solely to inefficiencies and that 'later' is when they are more tired. Accumulated minor efficiencies pay off. Slow and smooth sans even one extra traffic stop is efficient.
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2018 Moonshine Lunch Run - April 14th was created by John Panek
The Chicago Region BMW club will once again be headed down to the rural and remote town of Moonshine, IL to grab a world famous Moon Burger!!

Members from the North should plan to meet at the O'Hare Oasis on the South bound side of the I-294 Tri-State Tollway. Meet-up starts at 4:45am and KSU at 5am SHARP!!

Members from the South should plan to meet at the Shell located in Oak Forest on the South West corner of Cicero Ave and 167th St. Meet-up starts at 5:45am and KSU at 6am SHARP!!

Rumor has it that this will be the Swan Song, the Final Curtain Call and the Grand Finale for the motorcycle season opener we know as the Moonshine Lunch Run. MLR founder Terry Hammond, who passed away in 2010, was a man of many, many words, but if you're still trying to understand what Moonshine is all about, these few words of his may help: "If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, you're just a Motorcycle Owner!!!"

CBS & Bill Geist visit Moonshine, IL - Home of the Moon Burger

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