Chicago Region BMW Owners Association boasts over 250 members... the largest and most active BMW Motorcycle Club in the region. Meeting on the SECOND Thursday monthly, 7:30 pm 'til 9 pm at Elmhurst Elks Lodge, 711 W. St. Charles Rd, Elmhurst, IL 60126.


Welcome to the Chicago Region BMW Owners Association!

The storied history of your Chicago Region BMW Owners Association (CRBMW) is very impressive. Since 1969, CRBMW has endured as the largest BMW motorcycle club in Chicagoland.

This enduring history is solidly grounded in its membership, past, present and future! The past is responsible for the present, and our present actions will be the future of the CRBMW.

As your President, I welcome each and every new and renewed member! Your simple action of being a member today is evidence the CRBMW is an important part of your motorcycling experience! Whether you are a "Beemer", ride a Harley, prefer a Suzuki, find Honda your favorite, rumble on a Norton, or are a Ducati fan, or prefer one of the many other marques, the CRBMW welcomes you as an active member!

So, what does the CRBMW do for you? As you read on you will be reminded of the many benefits the CRBMW presents as a foundation for your membership. If these benefits are of significant value, then we have met your expectations of your membership! And we thank you.

Here are just a few of these benefits:
     Monthly meetings – held currently the second Thursday of each month at the Elks Club in Villa Park. It's where the present meets the future!
     Newsletter – Your monthly publication, delivered each month via email, highlights what is going on in the CRBMW. It is your source for upcoming events, great articles and pertinent information. Members may contribute content, photos and riding stories are encouraged. The classified advertising section is free to members. And, your newsletter is a fine way to discover services available from advertisers who are important membership participants. is our on-line club presence. Not only can you have your photo displayed, the website is a great "go to" reference for everything related to your club. Activities, past newsletters, members forum, and so much more!
     CHITECH – Whether you are an "Airhead" or own another motorcycle, CHITECH (the Chicago Region Technical Committee) provides an opportunity for "wrench enthusiasts" to help you learn from other like-minded members. "Open tech days" offer all members an opportunity to meet the group for maintenance assistance, from simple oil changes and tire replacement to more intricate repairs, like spline repair or final drive issues!
     BMWMOA and BMWRA Rallies – The CRBMWOA is an active participant in both the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association ("MOA") annual rally. Our very own Norm Phoenix has attended each of the past 42 rallies, riding his bike to every one! Members also take part in the BMW Riders Association Rally. Both of these rallies are great adventures and opportunities to meet BMW enthusiasts from around the world, enjoy past acquaintances, see new innovations and just have fun!
     Membership Roster - Members who want to find other members can use the roster distributed quarterly as a source to communicate, find someone to ride with, or just socialize in general.
     Riding Experiences - whether a meet-to-eat event, hot dog ride, spring kick-off gathering, the La Crosse Ride, fall picnic family outing, or other event, we "Own to Ride"! Look for these events and others in the newsletter and website to enhance your time in the saddle!

Time is a precious commodity we all wish we had more of. The CRBMW offers many activities for participation and many more to come. Hopefully, you can find value in participation. And, to whatever level of activity and commitment you choose, thank you for making the Chicago Region BMW Owners Association an active part of your motorcycling experience!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting each member personally during the course of the year!

Chuck Oler, President

Member Benefits

 What You Get:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Technical Publications
  • Monthly Meetings
  • BMW Rallies
  • Club Sponsored Rides
  • BMW Tech Seminars
  • Website and online Forum
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Weekly Hot Dog Rides
  • Fellowship
  • Membership Roster